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Hello agian, Do you know how to make a moving background? I wanted to make a sky background
dann 8 months ago

You need to set up an animation. Check out the css on my sitemap page for a sample

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woodencrow64 8 months ago

It worked, Thanks! You can see the result here:

dann 8 months ago

Give the window an ID, and then reference that in the first command in the JavaScript. If you want to only drag it by the header, create a nested DIV with the same parent element name and append 'header' to the end.

woodencrow64 8 months ago

Thanks a lot

Hello, How can i make my windows 98 tabs draggable like the ones in the misc section? (they are in my web page)
So uh yeah I just wanted to be in the neolink, Image: and this is my URL: (I might make a better one later)
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