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biblenotes 2 months ago Just found a article that basically confessed. You said that north was inwards right? If the the top is a dome then if the sun mechanically moves to the top in a up-down hill like fashion towards a right/left direction... Would explain why all other directions dont matter since south=cold then east/west=left and right.etc

biblenotes 2 months ago

Would also make sense since the top of a dome is naturally the highest point from the sun and farthest. Since north=inwards

watchingforfire 2 months ago

North is outside

watchingforfire 2 months ago

I just made a page on this topic, thanks for the inspiration

biblenotes 2 months ago

seems like it was my mistake, your model seems to be the correct one. I made a mistake thinking this whole time Antarctica was at the north pole. Antarctica being in the center matches up too

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