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im back from the depths.. i might completely re-do my site!!!!!!!!!!!!1
someone needs to like forbid really old people from being teachers or substitutes for multiple reasons
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here two announce after 1 week of not being active rhat i got sent to the office at school for eating mcdonalds
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slackersrock 9 months ago

this is fucking insane im glad they didnt make me throw away my soda my dr pepper becuz it was one of those rare times when the mcdonalds dr pepper was crisp and yumm

badgersaurus 9 months ago

last year at my school a kid ordered uber eats and it came during a lockdown and the principal yelled at the delivery guy. Iconic moment

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waw 1007 views ........ good morning good evening or goodnight!!!
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hello neocities. im in history class i might put out a comic strip after school IDK!!!!!
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just been adding tiny updates to the marquee thingy or whatever its called with news related to things i like. makes me feel like a news anchor. THIS JUST IN!

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