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i have lost my temper with STUPID CODING RN
skell3y 4 months ago

it was gonna be beutiful..

ive been working on that homepage.
skell3y 4 months ago

and i.. i deleted it on accident. i thought.. i was confused why the home file wasnt renamed to old, and i saw old, and i just.. i just thought it duplicated itself.. im....

i just undid. all my progress. that ive done today. by accidentally deleting the file because i was confused.
skell3y 4 months ago

im going to throw someone

i wanna redo my homepage again- as you can see
how do u make the boxes within boxes help me
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skell3y 4 months ago

nvm figured it out. this page is gonna be FREAKAY

wait until you see my clown (and similar) themed page of ocs that will litter the site. we got jester, clown, and mime- but there will be more heheheh!!
sludgefiend 4 months ago

i cant wait to see this i love seeing peoples ocs :o)

i love (/p) all of my 11 followers
hey! i made a links page, and theres a place where i list people who gave me inspiration for my website when im not the most creative person! If anyone wants to be taken off that list, just reply here and ill delete you- but this is more so i dont feel like im lying to everyone that these are all my creative and my own ideas. Some people i get inspired by enough that i want others to know them first!
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