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horrible sense of dread and insecurity floods my brain when i work on website . its ok though i will survive. .however does anyone have tips on getting over yourself
zelkova 5 months ago

I used to "dump and run" when I posted stuff to the internet. Basically updated a thing, then completely closed it out and didn't check it at all for days (or more). Eventually did this enough times that my brain stopped caring as much. Sometimes just pushing through discomfort for long enough in a way that minimizes it for you is enough to rewire your brain.

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rakuraikou 5 months ago

aourgh… i’ll try. i don’t know why i’m having this issue now tbh (“now” as in… like the past year or so?)… it’s honestly pretty annoying LOLS but i’ll see how i can do a little dumping and running lols hopefully that will help me

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