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watcher 9 months ago

your writing on vns+input was really interesting.. reminds me of the use of the page turn in horror comics and such. i see vns get treated as "incidental" to the stories they tell a lot, so it's nice to get to read about the medium itself for a bit.

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pataphorite 9 months ago

@watcher tysm for reading!! im a bit passionate abt the topic b/c vns get a lot of bad rap, but there's a lot of nuance in the genre imo. there are some vns that're more draining to get through despite compelling prose, and others that are easy to binge despite weak writing (in my experience anyway) and i think the difference isn't in writing but in line delivery/scripting

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your art and your site are awesome <33 :')
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pataphorite 9 months ago

aaaa thank you >///< (i really like your site!! and your ocs are so cool!)

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