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new post. i complain about lenovo (also an actual fix-it guide is here)
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new post. i complain about stair lifts again (and definitely not like 5K words on dark souls, nuh uh)
no-miti 4 months ago

i've learned that if i update *just* the new article as my first thing after the 24hr wait time shows up, it updates the correct thing. gamer move

new post: it's about how i once failed a computer assignment in school for knowing too much about web pages
new post (it's about coffee) (wait no not in a smug way though---)
new post, in which i make fun of the ~ COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ALGORITHM ~
no-miti 5 months ago

i wrote this before finding out that chatGPT temporarily broke today in the exact way i implied it would, which, lmao

new post: old laptops are good, actually, i say with my walking cane and my bad back and my greying hair and--
no-miti 5 months ago

also changed the font to pathway extreme (from because the old one made my site feel too much like it was for, like, business, or some shit

new post, in which i discover that div tags are a lie and i've never needed them

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