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Took a break because I needed some offline time these past few weeks, and I kept getting stuck fiddling with pixel art that just wasn't working out for me. Now I'm back and working on adding a few pages as well as polishing up some of my visual themes. Should be getting those updates published over the next week or so. :)
bojanthelibrarian 11 months ago

Magnificent implementation of reviews!

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Thanks for the follow! I love reading your Grow Food Now page. I'm hoping to get my hands on some land this fall and start the food journey myself. It's always encouraging to see others doing the same.
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bojanthelibrarian 11 months ago

Hello Myrian Books! So glad you're enjoying Grow Food Now blog and that you are soon starting your food journey! You will see, it's life changing! :) If you ever need any advice or just wanna talk about gardening feel free to write to me :) P.S. do you have 88x31 page button?

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Dear Myrian Books, thanks for the follow! Your bookshelf is awesome! I read mostly non-fiction so I don't know any title listed... Will you put hyperlinks to the book titles leading to book summary or description? It would make research little quicker. If not, it's totally OK, always loving discovering new books :)
myrianbooks 11 months ago

YW for the follow, and thanks for the comment! The bookshelf is definitely a work in progress. I do eventually want to add links to the books so that people can find a readable copy easier. I also want to add reviews to the books I've read, since it's been an interesting experience reading books that I probably never would have chosen to read if I hadn't adopted them from my mother's library.

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