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Just to be clear, I'm only going to stop updating this website, I'm not totally leaving Neocities in the dust.
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I apologize for how long this is taking for another update. I'm still updating it, but again, like I said, I do not upload updates early. Also thanks for the 2,400 views.
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Overall, a great site. I would recommend.
congrats on 2207 views, 8 followers, and 371 updates
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mariteaux 2 years ago

Pretty solid rant tbh. Not bullshitting or trolling, you make a pretty compelling case. I could feel the anger in it.

yoshi295295 2 years ago

Such a extraordinaire rant with valid arguments and nothing but truth all over it. You deserve a lot more than that, my friend.

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elementz 2 years ago

I agree with these two people. Very solid argument about marrytux. Just amazing. 11/10.

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