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Responding to AA3 would it solve context collapse if a social network would allow you to choose which groups of people you share certain content to? For example only share anime stuff to anime friend group and baby pictures etc. to your family group? As well as allowing you to share content with both your friend and your family groups at the same time.
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elaboraet 1 year ago

After reading more about the topic a week or two ago, I now see that Facebook does, in fact, provide such a feature. Statistics report, oddly enough, that not many participate in such sharing methods anyway. Kids may instead use one platform, as I (probably) mentioned in the mid-section paragraphs, and perhaps their older relatives use another. For example: Instagram vs. Facebook.

elaboraet 1 year ago

(other comment didn't fit, writing here) ***To answer your question: definitely, but not entirely. The entire premise of contextual collapse is that social media platforms (most) inevitably cannot incorporate such a realistic way of communication such as face-to-face; all is in one feed, tailored to each user. Of course Inst. Msging solves this by individualizing contacts, but is technically not a S.M platform.

Making some changes to site structure to get reader mode to appear in most browsers.
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quokka 1 year ago

This update adds pagination in the nav links! :) Sorry that it hasn't picked up my latest entry yet. It should soon though.

quokka 1 year ago

Turned out I had the part the checked for new posts commented out. lol

I just noticed you made a typo in your Website Design Redundancy and Weight article. "" should be "". :)
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quokka 1 year ago

With .com you get a 404

elaboraet 1 year ago

Aha, thanks for pointing that out!

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