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your site is so fire
did i just get cursed?
I believe you fix the issue of the links opening inside the menu box is by adding this to your mainmenu.html file: (I had to put it in a pastebin because neocities was fighting me). I tested this on windows 10 on a chromium browser and it works for me. It sets the base point for opening the pages in index.html instead of mainmenu.html so they don't load inside the menu box.
wyattu 1 week ago

Thank you.

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wyattu 1 week ago

Well, I don't much like my fix, but I think it works, I replaced the embedded menu with an inline menu. Ugh! Oh well. I will try to learn how to embed so it works right.

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I really like your site and your stories are really interesting and sometimes pretty inspirational for me
wyattu 2 weeks ago

Thank you. I think I'm done now. What an adventure!

i really like the little moving cat
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