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hey i changed my url from project-c190 to projectc190. do you mind if you change the link in ur journal entry to match, so it doesn't break? ty and sorry for the inconvenience ^^"
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highcloudquintet 6 months ago

sure thing!! next time i edit my site it will be done

oh my god i just read your journal entries and ur shoutout absolutely made my day; i'm so glad i inspired you to join neocities and i'm excited to see what you make!!
projectc190 7 months ago

to be honest after i saw that u followed me i just read ur about page and was like I have seen enough. I am going to follow now. so i didnt see the journals until i revisited AAH 😭

highcloudquintet 7 months ago

AWUGYHIJOUHYGIHOJ:KPL{LOKIJUHYGT i am so touched. i'm so glad!!!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful rest of your week

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omg my account is finally a week old and thus i have talking privlidges... rejoice !!!

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