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a blue checkmark of shame. HA HA HA HA
what is a 'friday night funkin' and why is the so-called 'creator' of this 'series' occupied with a 'mod' for it.
goodsmilesinc 4 months ago

((but fr sorry for lack of updates i;m working on two mods unrelated to gsi LOL))

Hallow's Eve?
goodsmilesinc 4 months ago

charlotte liked that holiday, in her short life span.

goodsmilesinc 4 months ago

i think, in fact, she liked all holidays.

i don't remember making sum of these messages o_O ANYWAYS i'm gonna make a blog!!! -XxSkullLordzxX
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goodsmilesinc 5 months ago

now that it's set up don't expect me 2 comment here much XD -XxSkullLordzxX

secrecy is important.
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blueazalea 5 months ago

i believe u

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