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not memphi expressing disdain for the empire in public
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catacombis 2 days ago

Dude. We all hate the fascist fish lady. It'ss a normal thing.

pegasusnetwork 14 hours ago

yeaH BuT LiKe i'D STiLL LiCK HeR N00K L0L, MayBe PuLL HeR BuLGe, iF ya CaTCH My DRiFT!!! ;-)))

Did anyone elsse notice how Ociela blatantly misgendered Yaki.
yaki-project 1 week ago

Huh? Where?

catacombis 1 week ago

Oh. In our meeting lasst night. Most of our employees visit this page often, so I was expecting ssome response from one of them. But, yeah, Ocie used wrong pronouns for you. Ssorry.

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catacombis 2 days ago


Fuck fascism. (edited for grammar)
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I keep getting the quote about the octopus mating. Is your website trying to tell me ssomething because I do not like that
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yaki-project 3 weeks ago

I didn’t mean that- ahaha...!

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Ociela made their own blog. Look there if you want random bullshit.

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