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why is this tagged with "hacking"
cykaskies 3 years ago

oh it was originally hacking clicker i forgot to change it, thanks for the reminder!

also outdated time for the people's repeal, it could be seen as an IP grabber or info grabber to paranoid people
jackomix 3 years ago

The script the site gives you simply links to their site's js file. Go blame for that mistake, or I could remove it, but I don't want to hide things from paranoid people. ;)

stolen code for popup dude
owlman 3 years ago

Good Lord, if you don't like stolen code, don't view my bloody site!

cykaskies 3 years ago

I can't wait till you copy copyrighted code. Watch your hostility -_-.

jackomix 3 years ago

You mean the net neutrality one? You do realize that the site tells everyone to put it on their site.

there is no use for for a more simple single repository just use and add
no needed function for use "ignored"
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