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It's been a while since I've updated oops. I do wanna add more to the site.... eventually. For now tho.... I'm doin' Art fight! I was hoping to have more character pages done before then but I got a little burnt out
damn I wish neocities would let you drag and drop things into folders (me an idiot who made a folder and forgot to upload the files INTO that folder)
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Made a new banner for the home page, and added two more tracks to the playlist
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Also! I've been listening to more DSi/3DS music (because I want to put more in the playlist) and it's kinda funny how there's a theme for almost every tiny little thing, even on things that you'll probably only use once if ever, but I love them, it makes everything feel more magical...
Made a new banner for a gallery, albeit a placeholder one without colour, since I wanted to check how that looked first before colouring it.
cosmos-corner 2 months ago

Coloured banner has been added

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ok I fixed the refreshing problem and rearranged the index page a bit! I wanted to move the update log, which resulted in the side bar becoming a bit more bare, but hopefully I'll be able to eventually fill that space with more pages! \(^O^)/ I should make a new banner that goes better with the colours of the containers too
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