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Phew! I tried remaking the journal page bc I was inspired by plushiecryptid's blog layout. It took all day but I learnt a lot from it. Altho I'll probs change it again when I get a better understanding of html (and avoid resorting to stealing haha)... I added a new entry as well :^) I think tomorrow I'll edit the stamps page too and add some new ones for the collection~!
plushiecryptid 1 month ago

i changed my whole site's layout like 4 times before i settled on my current one, and I'll probably change it again someday! I didn't have a good grasp on html until recently, freecodecamp courses is what finally made it click for me last year and gave me the knowlege to code pages from scratch! i should really work on my coding resources page next ;_; <3

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clampshell 1 month ago

@plushiecryptid I should defs take a look at those courses you mentioned :0 I'm in the middle of the W3 Schools one and it's helping with the basic elements but less so the actual construction aspect. Bricks but no walls haha. The freecodecamp might be what gives me walls. Thank you for the suggestion ^^ I've been enjoying your coding resources page a lot too~!

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Learning something new every day~! I'm really happy with how the stamps page turned out. It took a long time to understand kopawz's code but eventually I was able to type out a version that works for me. I was even able to add a few things as well which taught me a lot about how css works. Currently chewing on the question of how to mitigate links dying. Ah well, I'll figure it out eventually~! Bye bye ☆

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