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Hey, what would you do if you, hypothetically, just so happened to accidentally try to copy-paste code from one page and then use it to help make a new page, but then wound up editing the original, then saving over the changes and closing the tab? Could you get the original back, somehow, or would you just have to rewrite the whole thing? Asking for a friend. And no, the friend did not make any kind of backup.
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chocolaterevel 6 months ago

Dang sorry but I think you lost the original code. If u ever need to do that in future deffo make copies first. Even if u don’t end up needing them, you can just delete them later :)

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where-went-the-swords 6 months ago

Thanks anyway, chocolaterevel :). Lesson learned. It's fixed now!

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federiefederi 7 months ago

oh I see you made a button, I'll add it to my site as soon as you add a little more content! maybe you can add more images too... I'll be checking your site time to time~

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