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something i've been considering lately is changing my site name. i've been using the same username across multiple sites since i was around 16. for a while i stopped using it, but i've picked it up again. not using it here feels a little strange, especially since being chronically online as i am, that username is as important to me as my actual name in a way. so expect a change in a few days
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waterfall 2 months ago

small update. deleted the page to the old slow damage review, updated the review progress, and put a concrete date on it now that im far enough along

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waterfall 2 months ago

deleted some old reviews that weren't up to my standards and don't fit into my current niche. deleted the rss feed since i'm bad at updating it. finally, restructured the writing page so the files are way more organized and easy to find

two little updates. 1- the slow damage review will 100% be out by the end of july. from here i'll aim to do vn reviews with some level of regularity. 2- i'm participating in artfight this year! i can't promise i'll draw anything but if you want to share your artfight profile, feel free to drop the link here!
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waterfall 2 months ago

also, here's my artfight profile-

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