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Pushed a small update to fix some typos on the Title Screen and introduce the Glaciary race.
Greetings, beloved readers. We have just pushed phase 1 of our restructuring of the Etheralius Ocularium including an auto save feature, a new Main Menu, and a breakdown of 35 of the known races that currently inhabit Chao. We also included some functionality for the Index which will be completed in part 3 of the functionality update.
theoculus 1 week ago

We at the Oculus Research Group would like to thank you all for your patience and continue to work with us as we make steady improvements to the back end systems of the compendium to create a better experience for you, our dear readers. We would ask that you follow us on our Twitter account @TheOculus5 to stay up to date on all updates and news regarding the Oculuarium.

theoculus 1 week ago

Expect Phase 2 to be coming soon, but for now, we hope you enjoy the new and improved Etheralius Ocularium! For Clarity Across All Timelines - The Oculus Research Group

Pushed a small update to publish the final revision of Malkhovich's art and fixed some logic for one of the upcoming location branches
Pushed a small update to fix some typos in the beginning of the main story.
Greetings once again dear readers and members. After receiving some internal feedback, we have deemed it necessary for the next major update to the compendium be dedicated to cleaning up some of the code, readability, and overall flow of the lore book to create a more enjoyable experience for our precious audience.
theoculus 1 month ago

This does mean, however, that the next content update will take a little longer than expected, but we can assure you that this update is necessary and will help further enhance your experience in future content updates.

theoculus 1 month ago

We thank you for your patience and understanding. For Clarity Across all Timelines - The Oculus Research Group

Dear readers and members of the Oculus, I am proud to announce that the interview with Malkhovich is now live! I cannot express how thankful I am for your patience and understanding while we've worked to bring this to you.
theoculus 1 month ago

In the near future we hope to release an update that goes into heavy detail about the structure of the Nine Hells complete with a map! But for now, please enjoy the interview with Malkhovich and look forward to our next interview with Tengudan!

theoculus 1 month ago

For Clarity Across all Timelines - The Oculus Research Group

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