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You're off to a good start with the website! Sadgrl makes some rather good layouts x3 can't wait to see what you'll fill the sections with.
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hi, I was wondering how to replace the background in the layout editor's output with different code? I wanted to use a starry background I found that reacts to your cursor (here but I don't really understand much about how CSS works
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sadgrl 4 days ago

Hey there! At the risk of a super long comment that definitely won't fit on here, this method of adding a background is very complex and cannot be easily used with my layout maker. My layout maker accepts images as backgrounds. I tried copying the code from the starry sky tutorial directly to a CodePen and it didn't work because the CSS references two images, which are included if you click on "Download" at the top.

sadgrl 4 days ago

CSS references 4 images* topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright.

thefoxhole 4 days ago

dang, was hoping it would be easy. thanks for giving it a try, though!

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