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holy carp your website is cool
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oh also happy valentine's day lol
I've been re-doing my site... I'm not totally happy with the layout :p
Added a short placeholder landing page because I'm tired. Making my site 18+ was something I was considering for a while but I figure I should add it now even if I don't know what I want to post in the future lol. Sorry if you are a child ig
Your website is so clean and refreshing. Like a cold glass of water ^^
omg... your page is so pretty and then i literally GASPED when i saw your featured art of ember... i loved a hero's tail as a kid! it made me so happy to see ^^
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snewberry 3 weeks ago

thank you!! ive had an attachment to ember ever since i was a kid :) because she was a playable character i liked to make up stories about her while playing the game. i still have a big soft spot for her, so she reoccurs a lot in my work! i loved heros tail too :)


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