must i resist or re-assert?

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uh... hi. sorry for going completely dark for these past few months, i'm having a bit of a time to say the least. however, i do have some fun stuff planned for the site, so stay tuned! ^_^
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goofed with my writing pages a bit. in the meantime i added a little secret to the sol shrine, the link to which is hidden in one of the images on the index page. i won't tell you guys which image to click on though thats on you. god bless
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my IRL life has been making me want to tear my hair out a bit i must say. this is why updates to the site have been. Sparse. ORZ
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uh. due to an accident while cleaning files the sol shrine was down for a bit. it is now named just "sol" for clarification. anyway its back now so o7
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