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samarantes 7 months ago

I'm part of a webring!

samarantes 8 months ago

Added my latest game to the ZZT page, and play links for all my ZZT games too.

samarantes 9 months ago

two more zzt title screens of mine, from this year

samarantes 9 months ago

beth ™ map

samarantes 9 months ago

My mailbag update also got caught up in this, for some reason.

samarantes 9 months ago

Added a map for The Hallway, even though April Fools isn't for another bajillion months.

samarantes 10 months ago

Added a map for Metroid: Ice Break.

samarantes 10 months ago

Added maps for Ridley X Hacks 1 and 2.

samarantes 10 months ago

Added a portrait of Junko and I to the art page.

samarantes 11 months ago

Finished the reference sheet for my dress. I think it's pretty, and a friend called it "Opoona-pilled." :D

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