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I know I'm like a few weeks late, but thank you for over five-thousand views! I also finally finished the sixth story for Dimension Hoppers, "Red Field Expeditition"! Have a look! (Be wary, it is very, very long. Writing it on Word, it took my thirteen pages to write it.)
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I have updated the Michidreamer page (my dream log) after over a year of neglecting to do so. I need to stop procrastinating, my goodness.
Greetings, it's February. I just noticed I made a big messup on Entry One of Lunar Systems Connected. I used the wrong character for two scenes, so I fixed it. I'm nearing the end of finishing the next Dimension Hoppers story, which has taken just about a year of my life. More of both projects are coming soon.
I'm glad that I've been able to finally find a way to continue RonZak's Contingent Music that is sustainable in the future. You can now listen to music on the website! I'm about to work on putting the next two RZCs onto the website.
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