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YAY! First 1,000 views!
elementz 3 years ago

Congrats dude!

Just finished WCA puzzles!
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Cool website!
I've almost got my first 1,000 views! Yay!
elementz 3 years ago

n o i c e

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sicklycarpet 3 years ago

ooh, a rubiks cube! i had a few different versions of those as a kid, i also had a rubiks clock as well where you would use a combination of dials and buttons to get all 18 clocks at the 12-o-clock position. it was made by matchbox in the late 80's but invented by prof. erno rubik.

i accidentally deleted an update and therefore can't reply to your comment on there so i just want to say thank you for the kind words! ^_^ i can't wait to see how your websites develop. if you finish all the rubix cube based puzzles, will you move onto others such as the eternity puzzles? they interest me a lot.
mypuzzlesite 3 years ago

I will be working on the rubik's puzzles first, but after I finish, I'll be happy to expand and do eternity puzzles too!

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