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i update this list of bonus tracks a lot, but here is the FINAL list of rotmd physical bonus tracks (listed below)
lime-angel 4 months ago

Electronic Diarrhea · Bugatti Type Beat · This Is Fire · ASJDKSDJSKDJHJ (THE SPANISH PROJECT SONG) · Outpizza The Hut (Real) · h u g e goldfish

lime-angel 4 months ago

"This Is Fire" and "...THE SPANISH PROJECT SONG" are songs from the mustard demons-era that i found on my chromebook, it's been collecting dust lol

lime-angel 4 months ago

the rest of the tracks are brand new instrumental tracks that were post-mustard demons era

lime-angel 4 months ago

both of the remixes listed previously (and on my "misc_downloads" page) will not see the light of day in physical releases

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