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Updated my site with another article. Honestly don't know why I wrote it, just wanted to write something so I did. I would say it was an impulsive decision but given I spent 20 minutes on it I don't think it was.
horrorfan 8 months ago

It was either that or a rambling tired one about my music taste, which makes even less sense.

horrorfan 8 months ago

Anyway, I'll probably write another film review tomorrow on a film I don't know yet. Maybe Pearl or Suspiria.

horrorfan 8 months ago

Might also start a page for my drawings because I like them.

Just written a new review on Sightseers. I meant to write it a week or so ago but I've been busy reading David Lynch's autobiography and going to film museums.
A - Do you have an 88x31 button or am I just missing it? B - NOTLD is in immaculate film in *SO* many ways and it canNOT go without mentioning what a statement of and against the times it was. For starters - Ben was one of the VERY first black lead roles of the time! And there's sooooo much more nuance that speaks to social climate and socio-political stuff from that era that oft goes overlooked.
horrorfan 8 months ago

Nope, I don't have a button but I'll make one soon enough, I'll post about it here when I do

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I wrote another article thing about "modern gaming" and how the people saying it's dead are wrong. I might do a horror review tomorrow on Pearl, Suspiria (1977) or Sightseers but I'm not sure. I might also make a page about my music taste/music in general but again, I don't know. Going over my fascination with DEVO probably wouldn't be very interesting.
horrorfan 9 months ago

Also, if I do do a review tomorrow it would be on Sightseers. I love that film for how weird it is, despite having to talk about it's mise-en-scene way too often. I also really want to write something more about football, but that's more my weird obsession than something other people should read.

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