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hey so just wondering if you could like remove godcorp from the list? just dont want it really getting out there too much, you know what they say. any publicity is bad publicity when youre trying to do something not for everyone
im not exactly "affiliated" im just an interested and mildly concerned observer. believe me, if i were nearly as "affiliated" as i would like to be, my code wouldnt be nearly as trash. also my site would likely be less unfinished. so, youre a part of hope? -clover
hi i'm alix and i am a very cool and great person to be around i am appreciated oh also i suck.
hacker voice im in. hey guys alix here guess who was given the password to this website and then never signed out
hey hey so this is dell logging in from a way old website just for the fact that us team hope people came across this while picking apart the godcorp's website. people think you're affiliated. please specify. thanks.

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