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im not sure if anyone will see this, but when i woke up this morning i was logged out of literally everything on both chrome and opera. ive tried all my emails, resetting passwords, i cant get back into this account. im so fucking upset its unreal. hopefully eventually i will but at this point ill probably need to just make a new site. you can unfollow this one if you want, but ill try to keep people posted on if i
internetangei 2 months ago

can get back in. this account that im on i made during year 8 and its the only one i can get access to rn. ill keep trying and hopefully will get back into here. thanks for everything guys.

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bellawtf1227 2 months ago

i am so sorry that sounds so annoying

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sparklelollipop 2 months ago

goddd id b so pissed off,, im srry !! hope u can make dis site as good as ur old one,.. im sure u can !! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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strawbearie 2 months ago

this is awful im so sorry :c u put so much hard work into cloudyangel ;;; on the flip side, any new site u make will be just as, if not even more, amazing ♡

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