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currently working on fixing the site to work on different screen sizes since i know my monitor is pretty big + will start updating thingz like my shrines and removing no-longer-active graphic sites
ncshrines 3 weeks ago

if u evr need it i can dm screenshots of how it looks on a smaller monitor :salute:

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oh you updated ur siteWHAT THE HELL WHEND ID YOU GET LIKE 13k VIEWS
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ncshrines 4 weeks ago

when i get the time i'll see if i can repair your index with some bullshit

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turns out my site's index page is still incredibly broken on smaller screens, thanks school pc for telling me that. i have a good idea on how to fix at least *some* of it? lets hope im not done for
citrusman 1 month ago

nvm this is infuriating and i have to go to bed lmaoo

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ncshrines 2 months ago

me when teh dan is heng

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