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I RAN OUT OF IDEAS PLEASE HALP (or else i'll just put random things like a calculator in a soon-to-be-added miscellaneous category like a calculator)
I am counting on all of you ! Have a great day
oh and of course it is not necesseraly from a game if it's a song from your favorite band you can send it to me for sure too !
Hello everyone ! today I want YOU to help me ! so if you have any idea of things I could try to add please send your idea to me ! but first things first I don't know if you saw this but on the Jukebox page there is OSTs of some games that i added using bandcamp's embed option, so if you want me to add a game OST that I can find on Bandcamp send it to me !
Just wanted to let you know I like how this website is coming along so far. Hope to see more stuff soon :)
chiroyasumi 4 years ago

omg thanks a lot ! ur so kind and the first to say this tbh so thank you really !

chiroyasumi 4 years ago

i'll make sure not to deceive you

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