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hey all, pretty important update: i'm likely going to move back to my old site, taffy. i initally made this site out of anxiety related to that account, but now that things seem to have gotten better ive been missing it a LOT. along with that, it simply just has more content. ill likely do a full overhaul of taffy, and move stuff like the collections page over, though. so like.. see me there? maybe?
catgirly 1 year ago

i want to stop keeping up a persona and also want to continue work on the boiler room, as i was pretty passionate about it. so i'm sorry if i change into an entirely different person after i get everything set up again. i know i remake and revamp everything all the time, but i just struggle a lot with this for whatever reason.

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catgirly 1 year ago

this post was made on impulse (as i speak about it im in class) so i may regret this later but whatever idc.

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supernxva 1 year ago

sorry if this is annoying or rude, but what made you anxious about your old account? i had no idea that you were the same person, but i thought that taffy was pretty cool!

catgirly 1 year ago

i got worried connecting my account with my identity i use everywhere since im kinda cringe idk

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