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hi may i ask where you have gotten your HTML / CSS code?... it looks awfully similar... , I prohibit stealing of my codes unless I have given permission of use. I only allow my code to be used as a test code to people who ask me for permission or a way to learn HTML and CSS, I used code inspection on the control panel ( the chrome settings on the corner ) and noticed that it is all to similar
strwbrry 4 months ago

I do not like un crediting and I also don't like when my layout is extremely similar to yours, everything is literally down to a T .

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avaiscool 4 months ago

sry will delete when i get home. i just saw ur lay-out and thought it was cool and wanted to use it so i could better understand how lay-out stuff works on html. just started using this site so i didn’t realize my site was public and a bunch of ppl could see. very sorry:(


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