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worked on the crochet page today. uploaded pictures of two dinky projects I found today.
My laptop suddenly starting operating a tortoise speed so I haven't been on here in a couple weeks. womp womp :(
Your art & aesthetic is very, for lack of a better word, trippy. I like it a lot!
angerbaby 1 month ago

Thank you so so much! <3

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you made me look up what "Mort the Chicken" was. thank you.
nuxill 1 month ago

my favorite thing about mort the chicken is the leader of the cubes is textured with a uv unwrap gradient.

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Hi! I enjoyed looking through your gallery :)
dailydrawing 1 month ago

thank you very much 🥰

My art page is no longer "under construction"! Yay! It took FOREVER to scan in and process just these few bits. :')

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