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Hows summer goin everyone? What are ya’ll getting into?
sharphead 2 days ago

i went to europe for 3 weeks somehow and did some stuffff qand stuffff and now im at home withsicklnesss helppppppp/ how r u

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velcrowallet 2 days ago

Thats sick. Im jelly. I hope u made precious memories. Im doing nothing rn lol. I am at least tan rn.

The idea of online chat is all cool and cybery in my head. But then it’s just a bunch of people with anime profile pictures saying hello and goodbye to each other. Nobody shares their thoughts, cuz high effort sentences will be buried. People are brick walls.
99cent burrito/handwarmer
fuuuuuuuu i want a big greasy munchie boxn a ice cold irn bru
Out here in amish
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Holy FUK “the long good friday” rocks. So far, I’ve had a 100% success rate chucking my phone down the hallway and torrenting an 80s movie.
velcrowallet 1 month ago

I think the 80s is when movies peaked. Budgets were high, effects were practical, and normal looking people often had leading roles.

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Bitch look like a farm raised mermaid
I played through every popcap game except chuzzle
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alatalabani 1 month ago

Chuzzle is the best one tho

Fugg i want sum hot wings now. Shiiiiiiiit
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