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"hey he never do any batman with quarters" - neural network 2018
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roseknight 2 months ago

ah, but what about when my robot clone daughter said, "my definition of the shits are based on being an alien burger"??? think about it.

Upload this to your HTML collection please:
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undoified 2 months ago

Im not sure if the link to my website at the bottom counts as advertising. If it does just remove it when you upload the page.

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jackomix 2 months ago

yeah linking to yourself is totally fine as long as it actually has content, thanks! :)

1 like coming soon... for four months
You have a Pepsi gif and a Coca Cola gif... but no Dr. Pepper gif. :(
anlucas 2 months ago

i don't have what it takes to be a Pepper 😔

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Does your website name have anything to do with NeXTSTEP?
flamestep 7 months ago

haha no, it's just the name of my warrior cats oc from back in the day!

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