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Wow this all looks super cool!! I love how organised everything is, and how the theme changes on each story. The characters look so cool too! It's super nice how their designs fit their own worlds! I still haven't looked at it all properly, but I'll love to reading about them, especially the world of Beanstalked!
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AHUAGH I follow you on tumblr and I got so excited finding your blog here! It's so cool seeing all your worldbuilding stuff together and so easily accesible! Holding all the crew in my hands, especially Bip and Gillie. Bastard to bastard friendship
Your theme is so cute! It fits so well with your worldbuilding stuff oagh looking forward to any updates!(Also ty fro the fishtank. I spent like a good half hour arranging it in pleasant ways and making the fish and marimo float about)
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garblegarden 5 months ago

Thank you so much! I'm really glad the fishtank has been successful... I looove fish tanks and want to share the joy of rearranging stones and plants with the world...

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Yippee I unlocked messages! I love all your short stories, especially lockout!
inferiorwit 5 months ago

thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed them!

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