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NOTE: I was NOT sponsored to make the Objecc Show ad. I made this purely because my friend created the show and I wanted to force the funni upon ye. Tysm if any of you have watched it, it’ll mean a lot to me and Objecc (the creator)!
Working on an Old Web Remake of this site. I now go by Skully, they/it please.
Update plan (may be altered a bit)
skullys-space 1 year ago

1. Get On This Page! A page made for advertisements, of which you can add an ad either by winning giveaways or contests, or by drawing a piece of art for me.

skullys-space 1 year ago

2. Working on CSS Coding, and fitting a better style in.

@jello-net The number is repeatedly used in bfdi, and it has a lot of significance to the show. You might notice it used when Firey is explaining how far away Yoyleland is by saying it is 2763 miles away. A modern-day example would be Four saying "X is hurtling towards Earth's center at 2763 miles per hour" in BFB 13.
jlon 2 years ago

Never noticed it until you mentioned it, but still, why was the number that specific one???

skullys-space 1 year ago

nobody knows.. okay maybe the creators do but to us, or me at least it is just "haha funnie bfdi number go brr"

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