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dude i just had a world-changing revelation: C on a piano keyboard, C++ you increment one note you get C#. MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!! PWUSHH PESHSH BOOOOMM PU
> turns off ad personalization > phew > gets mobile game ad > TURN IT BACK ON PLEASE PLEASE
pkhead 2 years ago

they did this on purpose so i would turn it back on

forgot to post that i updated the tic tac comics why are am i posting this nobody cares
fixed the annoying thing for firefox users lol
people hate rats because they infiltrate our homes, invading our personal spaces, and they steal our food. and we have no way to communicate to them that this is our territory go away shoo. (delete this if you want)
dokodemo 3 years ago

makes sense, but so do other animals like squirrels and stray cats, sometimes even birds depending on where ya live. yet everyone calls em cute.

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