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wow! such a moment to be alive in!
it's nnosing time
This is awesome!
I like the fonts and backgrounds used!
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valbabs 1 month ago

Thank you!!! The fonts are pretty standard stuff (MS Gothic, Georgia, Serif, Old English Text MT, etc etc). I had to do some digging around in my files to find the wallpaper sources, but the home page one is from aalmeidah and the shrines background is from No-longer-here, both from pixabay. :)

This site is radical! how did you make your own custom cursor and thing that sends you back to the top of the page?
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fromthebog 1 month ago

For the cursor the code is 'cursor: url("/img.png"),default;' I recommend looking into css styling for cursors there's a lot of options. Upload your image to your profile and set it as the img address.

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fromthebog 1 month ago

For getting to the top of the page, I just set id="top" in whatever item you have at the top. for example ( ) and then at the bottom put Back to Top

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fromthebog 1 month ago

the example didnt post but (div class="something" id="top") then put (a href="#top")Back to Top(/a)

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