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Want to change index and home page themes, probably gonna make it look a bit more like the "flowerboy" page. Hahahah
Oh yeah quick question but can you still add music to pages even if you're not a supporter? like I want to add a playlist like you showed me, but the only thing I've figured out is how to embed youtube videos :[
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necrodarling 11 months ago

You can add music!!!! The embed is how I do it because you can use a line of code at the end of the embed link to make it autoplay when you open/refresh the webpage!

necrodarling 11 months ago

the thingy to make it autoplay is " &autoplay=1 ", I'll paste a link that explains it since it won't let me put the code here lol

NONO YOURE FINE AGHAGSHG!!! I sent you a message on fandom and I literally forgot to check here holy carp
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could you mayhaps be from fandom :3c
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necrodarling 11 months ago

o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o Yh lol. Sorry if I seem weird

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Ur site's rlly cool lol

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