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btw i officially moved the jrock webring over to my main account @ onlywonder. I emailed everyone about it!
I just got SID's OUTSIDER album on CD in the mail :) It's the special B edition~! It was supposed to be my christmas present to myself but it was very very late cuz it got lost in the mail lol
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11 months ago
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Sorry for being MIA for so long! Life's been busy and only getting busier orz. The library I work at flooded this past week so things are going to be Hectic and I will have No Routine (and my poor little autistic brain prefers a set routine). I'm gonna do some quick updates today and then I'll probably be missing for awhile again 😅
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webgore 11 months ago

take your time!! hope everything will be okay :D

hey! i'm unsure if you're still active around here, but i saw in your site you listen to psycho le cému. this is just my autism speaking but if you like psycho le cému you might like souiumono (サウイフモノ, yes the kana is different to the way you say it and idk why either) gahahaha.. and as weak of a link as it is their guitarist nono was in the band ninjaman japan with lida of plc iirc lol!
pinkspider 1 year ago

(i say this is my autism speaking because souiumono has taken over my life i got so fixated i bought their rpg LMAO)

memai 11 months ago

:o thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check them out :)

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1 year ago
めまい was updated.
1 year ago

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