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hedonicghost 4 months ago

slowwwwwllyyyyy working through the oc pages. avoiding chars got them!

hedonicghost 4 months ago

can i link things in comments? well i made a changelog on our tumblr for this <3

hedonicghost 4 months ago

had to change /ocs.html to /oc.html because it started to try to explode on itself =_= lmk if anything is broken because of this!

hedonicghost 5 months ago

gonna try working on the archive again soon :3c the links to the actual archive pages are dead atm but thats fine just wait!

hedonicghost 5 months ago

also the way we're doing the archive is taking up HELLA space so... ehe.......... (stares at our 1gb of space with fear)

hedonicghost 7 months ago

the white on the old index was starting to rot my eyes ><;;;

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