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Hey, your homepage lags a lot... I suggest at least compressing your image files, maybe getting rid of some unnecessary JS. As it is now takes a long time to load and even hovering links slows down my browser.
layercake 2 months ago

ill work on it later and see what i can do

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poemdoll 2 months ago

i think all of neocities is just rly slow rn lol

layercake 2 months ago

ive been having other people's sites crash on me also so that's probably it

layercake 2 months ago

sorted things so it should be good now

Very delighted to announce that the guestbook works for sure.
You know what's epic? Having your guestbook be non-functional for days. It should probably work now.
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Momentarily turning profile comments on to announce that we finally got the guestbook to work with Discord.
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dungbeetle 2 months ago

Β«Why are you even using Discord?Β» We don't want bitches' IP addresses.

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