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miela583 2 months ago

Your stamps are so cute!

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dungbeetle 2 months ago

Added an additional charset- the fact that we use more than one language at times was fucking up the text, namely on the poetry page.

Whatever I'm going back to Twitter
dungbeetle 2 months ago

Christ that hurt to type. April Fools BTW I'm not giving anyone a chance of taking this seriously.

This is such a good idea! Do you accept help from other people, such as donating graphics?
Kinda want some feedback on this: would you rather have the art galleries as they are now or have thumbnails that link to the full piece?
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dungbeetle 2 months ago

I like the gallery as it is now, but thumbnails might be good for adding content warnings and speeding things up. However, they'd also require more space.

sugarblush 2 months ago

I enjoy the vibe of the art gallery rn, I like that the images get bigger when you hover on them, and then you can click if you want to see the full thing. But it's up to you!! :3

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