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im back. dunno if i'll finish the game or nuke it to start anew. there's so many possibilities with my very own website. but i've got time to decide
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Candlelite was updated.
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federiefederi 1 month ago

Hi, please consider supporting our neocities community project by giving us a follow... we're trying to help smaller sites gain more reach and your support would help a lot! thank you ❤

wow i completely forgot about this. probably no updates for a while. why did i decide to do 900 things at once lmfao
This is really nice! It feels subtly ominous, not too overtly spooky or creepy but enough to be unsettling, and I enjoy slowly piecing together what's going on. I'm very excited to see where it goes as you add more to it.
candlelitgame 7 years ago

aaaa thank you!! i should probably stop updating every day even when i haven't written much, haha... but thanks!! your site is super good too, i like your art!

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