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ive updated the widget codes to include the "defer" attribute to make the webring wait until after everything else so it doesnt interfere with the page trying to load, esp on pages that require other javascript
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emeowly 1 week ago

i noticed loading issues with the webring with things like darkmode/lightmode toggles, where the page would flash its default mode due to trying to load external JS at the same time. defer seems to fix this!

emeowly 1 week ago

also 3hrs late but: youll have to get the updated widget code from the webring site for this because unlike other updates this is on the widget code itself not within the .js files. the update isn't really necessary tho unless you have loading issues with the page the webring is on!

im making a change to the script that makes the members page and webring run but it shouldnt affect the widget on anyones site. just a QoL change to make adding members easier!!
emeowly 1 week ago

no more telling people ive added them to the webring only to realize ive added them to the *members page* because there were 2 areas i had to add a member to in the .js file

emeowly 1 week ago

i broke it all and reverted the change. it didnt work as i expected when i actually pushed it to github 😭

the current domain for the bisexualism webring is until get my domain disconnected from my previous host and back on neocities!
emeowly 1 week ago

within a few days should be back up and the domain for my main site too

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