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Anyways, will see you guys tommorow
Oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys about the history of XStudios, This site was made in September 27th 2017, the first name was named "gamesarcade" But, due to some decisions I made, I decided to shutdown gamesarcade because the site was extremely dead, I took a couple months off and went back to create XStudios, if you were here before i created the basic layout, but the one were creating wont look like the other one.
(Continuing my last comment, was too long) Those 2 people are my school friends, you'll get to know their names once XStudios releases tommorow, or whatever the timer is on, go check the site. But anyway, we also plan to create actual games to the XStudios site, but it will not be released tommorow, it'll take time, but the site will be released tomorrow, our dev team is working on the site as we speak
Okay, It has been over a year since I have updated this site, I lost interest into this site, but however I'm back, XStudios was orginally supposed to be released on December 25th, 2017, But due to my lack of interest of XStudios and not actually knowing how big it would be to leave this site and had 2K visits+, But anyways, XStudios is back!, we now have a development team, we only have 2 people though.

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