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Making some tweaks to the homepage and I will be relocating the navigation instructions for the game to the homepage to declutter the landing page of the game. I have been checking accessibility features and hoping my changes make things better overall.
Hello Void, it's me again. Great news, I've added three new pages of writing to the game. All is going well. I'll need to make progress on two more routes before developing this particular route further though.
Great news ever-listening Void! I now have a functional computer. When I get used to the different positions of various symbols then I'm sure I can make some more progress on the story. Luckily I've made a little writing progress via the more traditional method of putting pen to paper. If only there were some device that could read my handwriting.
Hi there this is Tiny_Tyrant with my first update about this site. Currently without a working computer so have no access to my Twine application. There’s gonna be a little wait before I can update the story as I’m gonna need to get a new computer. Hopefully things will go a lot smoother once that happens.

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